Paul Santerre Wins Manning Award - Dr. Paul Santerre, Techna’s Director, Research Faculty (Physical Sciences), has won the prestigious 2014 Manning Principal Award for his work on surface-modifying macromolecules. Commercialized through Interface Biologics Inc., his invention helps prevent blood clots from forming on plastic devices inserted into the body, such as catheters. ... [ read more ]

Techna Symposium 2014: Robotics for Healthcare:
October 31, 2014 8:00 am ~ October 31, 2014 5:00 pm
Objectives - To highlight new innovations in healthcare robotics. - To build and foster new collaborations and partnerships to develop and implement these technologies into clinical practice. Robotic technologies can transcend the limitations o... [ read more ]

IGP - What is Perfexion™? Perfection™ is the most advanced unit in the GammaKnife® family of stereotactic radiosurgergy devices.  Each GammaKnife contains about 200 Co-60 radioactive sources that are used to non-invasively deliver a high dose of radiation to treat brain disorders. How is treatment delivered? To ensure accuracy, patients receiving treatments on GammaK... [ read more ]