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Picture of a patient in a radiation therapy setup with positioning lasers on


What is AutoPlanning? AutoPlanning is a new artificial intelligence (AI) engine that learns from a database of gold standard treatment…

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What is AQUA? Quality control testing is very important in radiation oncology to ensure that imaging and treatment machines are…

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Cancer Informatics

Understanding how patients with cancer respond to treatment is key to building a health care system that continuously learns how…

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What is DADOS? DADOS is a single software platform for electronically collecting and managing data related to treatment outcomes. The…

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What is DART? The Distress Assessment and Response Tool (DART) is a computer-based survey to assess a patient’s over-all well-being,…

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Integral Quality Monitoring

What is IQM? Integral Quality Monitoring (IQM) is an automated “final check” of the intensity and localization of radiation therapy…

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Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™

What is Perfexion™? Perfexion™ is the most advanced unit in the GammaKnife® family of stereotactic radiosurgergy devices. Each GammaKnife contains…

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Mapping Cancer Markers

Mapping Cancer Markers

Mapping Cancer Markers Cancers, one of the leading causes of death worldwide, come in many different types and forms in…

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What is Medlantis? Medlantis is an innovative and engaging online resource for radiology education with a mandate to provide online…

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Optical Fibre Dosimeter

Why is Dosimetry Important? In radiation therapy, a treatment plan is carefully created to deliver ionizing radiation to the tumour…

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