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As part of Toronto Health Innovation week (, STTARR and the Techna Instutute will provide a Technology Showcase and Tour event on April 5th from 2-5pm. For more information, please see below and tickets for this event can be purchased for $10, please click here

This session will provide an overview of medical and health technologies and services at the Techna Institute and STTARR Innovation Centre. Techna is an institute of University Health Network (UHN), in collaboration with the University of Toronto, focused on the accelerated development and exploitation of technology for improved health. STTARR is a world class imaging centre at UHN, which provides state-of-the-art imaging technology for cellular studies at the level of DNA and proteins, multi-modality imaging of pre-clinical models as well as a correlative pathology lab in an integrated environment. STTARR also provides dedicated resources to developing new contrast agents, molecular probes and medical devices. An overview of the innovative technologies developed at Techna and STTARR will be discussed followed by a tour of STTARR as below:

2:00pm Welcome

2:10pm Medical Device and Digital Health Technologies at Techna

3:00pm Imaging Technologies at the STTARR Innovation Centre

3:30pm Tour of the STTARR Innovation Centre (7th floor)

4:30pm Networking and Wrap up (light refreshments will be provided)