Techna Faculty in List of Highly Cited Researchers

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Techna Core Lead Dr. Igor Jurisica and Techna Affiliated Faculty Dr. Andres Lozano have been included in a new list of highly cited researchers by Thomson Reuters ( A total of 19 Toronto-based researchers are featured on the global list of over 3,000.2014-Jul-24-Lozano-Jurisica-Highly-Cited-150x150

Thomson Reuters tracks citations in publications and calculates the “impact factor” of journals, a common measure of how often the average article in a journal is cited by other publications. These citations by others are a measure of how foundational and influential the research and findings of a given scientist are in their field.

For the recently released list featuring Drs. Jurisica and Lozano, Thomson Reuters used their database of paper citations to identify the scientific reports that represented the top 1% of papers in terms of impact in their respective fields from 2002–2012. The researchers responsible for producing the most such highly cited papers—and thus having a large influence on their field—qualified for inclusion in the list. To recognize early and mid-career as well as senior researchers was one goal for generating the new list, according to Thomson Reuters. The methodology was more likely to select influential relatively younger researchers than one dependent on total citations over many years.

The listing has sparked a debate in the Globe and Mail about Canada’s role in research and how to use our limited resources to achieve the greatest impact. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation also recently featured Dr. Jurisica and his place in the list of the world’s leading scientific minds.