Techna Presenting at HEALTH RESEARCH CAUCUS: Medical Device Technologies

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Tracey Lui, Terence Young (MP Oakville), Kelvin Ogilvie (Senator and Chair of the Health Research Caucus), and Luke Brzozowski.

On October 6, 2014, Techna was one of eight invitees presenting to parliamentarians on Parliament Hill in Ottawa at the Health Research Caucus Kiosk event.

Medical device technologies, which range from simple thermometers to sophisticated diagnostic imaging equipment, represent one of the world’s fastest growing economic sectors. With over 1.5 million devices already on the market, and 3,000 new ones entering it every year, it’s closing in on annual revenues of $1 trillion.

Healthcare cannot be delivered without medical devices. With aging populations and emerging economies, the demand for innovative medical devices is going to increase.

Members of Parliament, Senators, and invited guests met with researchers and companies that are reinventing healthcare, saving lives, and building a prosperous health innovation industry in Canada.

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