Techna Scientist Dr. Bo Wang will be a panelist at JLAB’s event “Using Artificial Intelligence for Medical Diagnosis

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Join Techna Scientist Dr. Bo Wang at the JLABS event “Using Artifical Intelligence (AI) for Medical Diagnosis”, where he will be participating as a panelist. Details of the event are below.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Medical Diagnosis

February 21, 4 – 8 PM

JLABS @ Toronto
661 University Ave, Suite 1300
Toronto, ON

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an integral role in the evolution of medical diagnostics. If medical diagnosis can be automated, it will reduce the burden on health care systems & help doctors deliver the best possible patient care.

Around a third of all healthcare AI SaaS companies are focusing on diagnostics, making it one of the largest focus areas in the field[1]. Companies are using AI-chatbots, algorithms, machine vision, facial recognition software, and more to form potential diagnoses, prevent disease, and/or recommend an appropriate course of action.

Join us February 21st to hear from a few companies that are currently using AI to diagnose, or help diagnose, different diseases. This will be followed by a panel discussion focused on the future of diagnosis using AI, how it would impact clinicians and health care systems approach diagnostics, how companies can make money in this space and more.