A Personalized and Effective Approach to Metabolic Syndrome Prevention

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As rates of Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) and corresponding chronic disease – including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke – continue to rise throughout North America, the need for innovation on preventative measures is critical. In the US, 79% of the population has one or more symptoms of MetS and 20% of all healthcare costs – ~$600B – are driven by conditions associated with MetS. Jeff is going to talk about a novel personalized health approach to MetS prevention gaining traction with major US insurers and employers to lower healthcare costs.


JeffRubyJeff Ruby is the Founder & CEO of Newtopia, a leading personalized health company. Jeff is a health innovator with an extensive track record in preventive health. Prior to founding Newtopia, Jeff was Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Cleveland Clinic Canada, a collaboration between the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Canyon Ranch, and Canada’s leading destination for preventive health and lifestyle management. Before that, he served as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Life Screening Centres Inc. alongside a diversified group of international health product and service companies as part of The Copeland Group of Companies. Prior to the Copeland Group, Jeff was a Co-Founder and Director of Operations of Genetic Diagnostics Inc., an early stage biotechnology company commercializing a new genetic diagnostic testing platform. Jeff has a joint Juris Doctorate and Masters of Business Administration (JD/MBA) from Osgoode Hall and the Schulich School of Business in Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western University. Jeff is a global thought leader and expert on integrative, personalized and highly engaging strategies to deliver affordable and sustainable health outcomes and behaviour change.

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