Acumyn, in collaboration with Elekta, is launching AQUA™ 1.2 at ESTRO 2016 in Turin, Italy

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Acumyn is excited to unveil AQUA™ v1.2 at ESTRO 2016 in Turin, Italy, at the Elekta booth.

AQUA™ is a complete, vendor-neutral, end-to-end radiotherapy machine QC solution. AQUA™ offers a full test suite compliant with TG-142, while offering complete flexibility to customize test protocols to meet local and individual departmental requirements. AQUA™ is a powerful vendor neutral QC software that is distributed exclusively by Elekta.

AQUA’s newest version, AQUA™ v1.2 will incorporate new features. Included in the new features are: improved Elekta linac integration, support for machine reference data, integration of seven daily QC devices from PTW, Standard Imaging and Sun Nuclear, and have customizable event notifications. For a complete list of the new features in AQUA™ v1.2, please visit our website ( For a demo of AQUA™, please visit the Elekta booth at ESTRO or contact us at