Advanced Oncotherapy joint MOU with Techna and TERA

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Advanced Oncotherapy, the developer of next generation proton therapy systems for cancer treatment, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Techna Research Institute of the University Health Network in Canada to advance developments in radiation treatment technology. In 2013, Advanced Oncotherapy acquired the entire share capital of ADAM SA, the particle physics CERN spin-off company based in Geneva.

As well as bringing to the company its core proton technology platform the acquisition also included exclusive rights to various IP developed by TERA, an Italian foundation for hadron therapy which is advancing new particle physics based technology for therapeutic use. The MOU between Techna, TERA and Advanced Oncotherapy, provides a framework to explore the advancement of TERA’s Carbon Booster for Therapy in Oncology technology and to evaluate the feasibility of integration of complementary therapeutic tools.

TERA IP, owned by Advanced Oncotherapy, provides a base for development of a compact accelerator for dual carbon-ion and proton beam therapy, an alternative form of particle therapy which also uses both larger carbon ions and smaller proton particles.

Carbon-ion therapy is currently less developed than proton therapy; it is indicated for treatment for radio-resistant tumours, which represent around 10% of radiotherapy cases. UHN is comprised of four centres for patient care and research based in Toronto, Canada. This includes the renowned Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, a teaching hospital that now stands as the largest cancer centre in Canada and one of top five cancer research centres in the world.