Blending Strategy, Creativity and Process to develop medical devices and accelerate Medtech Companies: The Kangaroo Group Story, Methodologies, Lessons Learnt and Best Practices

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Kangaroo Group (ISO 13485) is a Toronto-based Industrial Design and Technology Innovation hub, immersed in the Medtech universe. Kangaroo’s medical devices division specializes in technology and product development for Medtech companies from upstream opportunity tuning (evaluation) through to commercial manufacturing. Kangaroo operates a services arm as well as a private technology innovation accelerator, leading and managing design, innovation and the development of medical technologies and science into commercial grade medical devices and investable, market-ready companies. Kangaroo focuses on meaningful technologies with a high potential founder/management team, and partners with them to de-risk and accelerate technology-business alignment, as well as plan and execute the product development roadmap. Kangaroo works with MNEs, SMEs, ETEs (Emerging Technology Enterprises) and helps companies to innovate, accelerate, stay focused, and run lean by tapping into its existing team and a ready infrastructure. Offering strategic services and turn-key solutions, Kangaroo combines Industrial design, product strategists, engineering, regulatory, quality, prototypes, contract manufacturing and business leaders as an integrated team, with time tested methodologies and processes in place. With a multi-disciplinary technology innovation team, and a values-based company culture, Kangaroo is a unique and important participant in the Medtech community in Toronto and Canada.


LahavGill-150x150Lahav Gil is a senior Industrial designer, entrepreneur, innovator, strategist and business leader with 25 years of experience in opportunity assessment, technology transfer, product development, design transfer, NPI and serial manufacturing, particularly in Medtech. He is an ambassador for design-led businesses and values-driven leadership across all economic and social sectors.Lahav is the CEO and founder of the Kangaroo Group (ISO 13485) and is also a co-founder and investor for several technology startups, the most recent one being CanFocus Technologies, where he holds a lead management role. He was one of the early investors in Ultrasonix Medical in 2001, an innovative US diagnostics company that exited last year to Analogic for over 80M. He consults to a number of Medtech startups like Cellaegis Devices and XOR Labs Toronto, as Executive Advisor on design, product strategy, technology innovation, medical device development and transfer to manufacturing.

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