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993 745 Techna

PIRL-MS? Picosecond InfraRed Laser Mass Spectrometry (PIRL-MS) is a radically new technology that allows 10-second determination of tumour pathology (types…

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560 315 Techna

What is AutoPlanning? AutoPlanning is a new artificial intelligence (AI) engine that learns from a database of gold standard treatment…

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Cancer Informatics

1024 660 Techna

The Cancer Informatics Platform has been retired. If you’re interested in learning more please contact us.  Understanding how patients with…

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Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™

560 315 Techna

What is Perfexion™? Perfexion™ is the most advanced unit in the GammaKnife® family of stereotactic radiosurgergy devices. Each GammaKnife contains…

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Mapping Cancer Markers

1024 576 Techna

Mapping Cancer Markers Cancers, one of the leading causes of death worldwide, come in many different types and forms in…

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560 315 Techna

What is Medlantis? Medlantis is an innovative and engaging online resource for radiology education with a mandate to provide online…

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1024 303 Techna

What is a porphysome? A porphysome is a spherical nanovesicle that is formed from self-assembled porphyrin (an organic compound that…

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560 315 Techna

What is the X-RAD SmART? The X-RAD SmART, the successor of the X-RAD 225Cx, is a micro-IGRT (image-guided radiation therapy)…

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