Techna Stories

Medical Holography

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The Medical Holography Story With current medical imaging technologies, such as CT and ultrasound, surgeons need to develop the skill…

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Surgical Wait Information Management System (SWIMS)  

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Techna has developed and deployed the Surgical Wait Information Management System (SWIMS) that helps automate and capture surgical wait times in real-time.

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The SORTT Solution: Helping to Reduce Eye Tissue Toxicity after Radiation

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The data collected via SORTT will offer the evidence needed to reduce radiation side effects and identify the best radiation modality for each patient.

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The Patient Tele-Monitoring Program Story

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Working closely with the Sprott Department of Surgery at UHN, Techna designed, built and successfully implemented a technology solution to provide 24/7 remote observation of patients at risk for adverse events.

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Integral Quality Monitoring device image button

The IQM Story

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Integral Quality Monitoring (IQM) is an automated “final check” of the intensity and localization of radiation therapy beams. Radiation clinics…

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The Image-Guided GammaKnife Story

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GammaKnife radiosurgery uses many high-intensity beams of radiation focused on a single small spot to treat brain cancer and other…

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The AQUA Story

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AQUA was developed at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to solve the challenge of managing the quality assurance needs of…

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The QIPCM Story

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Clinical trials are increasingly relying on advanced imaging methods for subject enrollment and to evaluate endpoints. Dr. Jaffray saw the…

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