CCRM: A Collaborative Public/Private Partnership driving Commercialization in Regenerative Medicine

1024 379 TECHNA

February 22, 2018

4:00PM – 5:00PM
TECHNA Institute, Banting Building, 100 College St. Room 131

CCRM is a Canadian-based commercialization and translation centre accelerating the development of revolutionary new therapies in the field of regenerative medicine and cell/gene therapy. Dr. May’s presentation will highlight the key features of the CCRM model, including stakeholder networks, specialized teams and dedicated infrastructure, as well as showcase the major outcomes and lessons learned after five years of operation. Finally, he will describe how collaboration and global scaling of the model is needed to create a sustainable catalyst at the interface between academia and industry that generates both health and economic benefits for all stakeholders.


Michael May is President & CEO of CCRM a Canadian not-for-profit funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, and leading academic and industry partners. CCRM supports the development of regenerative medicines and associated enabling technologies, with a specific focus on cell and gene therapy. CCRM aims to accelerate the translation of scientific discovery into new companies and marketable products for patients. Prior to CCRM, Michael was the President, and co-founder, of Rimon Therapeutics Ltd., a Toronto-based tissue engineering company developing novel medical polymers that possess drug-like activity. Michael sits on several academic, industry and corporate boards and advisory committees.

Michael completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto in 1998 as an NSERC Scholar and was awarded the Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Technological Entrepreneurship.


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