CIHR Grant Will Support Partnership with Elekta

1024 379 Techna

With funding support from CIHR’s Industry-Partnered Collaborative Research program, Techna investigators will continue a productive partnership with Elekta to develop image-guided radiosurgery solutions on the Elekta GammaKnife Icon platform.

Techna Director Dr. David Jaffray and Affiliated Faculty Dr. Catherine Coolens, together with principal investigator Dr. Caroline Chung will work to evaluate the frameless radiosurgery methods enabled by the image-guided capabilities of Icon, and develop adaptive radiosurgery approaches to improve patient outcomes and personalize treatment.

The grant will also support the collaborative development of a knowledge translation program to improve awareness of radiosurgery options and optimize its use in the patient population.

Finally, a round of congratulations for Dr. Chung et al., as the grant was the top-rated in the competition!