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Best wishes and quotes for Techna’s 10th Anniversary from some of our clients

“Congratulations Techna on your 10th year anniversary! We’ve had several remarkable programs and projects in Sprott Surgery in partnership with Techna. Techna is a technology accelerator that enables our success in transforming innovative ideas into practice as demonstrated in our initiatives such as Telemonitoring, Surgility, the Surgical Wait Information Management System (SWIMS) and the drone delivery of organs for transplant.

I’m looking forward to many more years of work and celebrations together, with continued productivity, impact, and success!”

Shaf Keshavjee,
Surgeon-in-Chief, The Sprott Department of Surgery, UHN

“We had a vision for our innovative virtual clinic, WATChmAN.  The TECHNA team brought it to life and beyond. They have remained an integral driver of this project and we owe much of the success to their efforts.”
Robert J. Hamilton
Staff Urologist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network

“Having a dedicated and experienced team at Techna focused on how to make our system better through digital innovation is priceless.”
Alejandro Berlin 
Medical Director – Cancer Digital Intelligence

“It has been a pleasure to work with Techna over the years. You have been key partners for us at Arthur Health in our shared journey of health care transformation. Congratulations and wishing you continued success in the future.”
Nizar Mahomed
CEO, Arthur Health Corporation

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tran Truong and the TECHNA team on a number of projects over the years and it has always been incredibly positive.  In fact, I look forward to these projects with them.  There are so many things I value working with this team including their creativity, high level of technical knowledge, strong project management skills and how well they integrate with the clinical and research teams. They are the ideal collaborators who are willing to try new things, are proactive in identifying potential pitfalls but also solutions, and always maintaining a calm and professional approach. Their knowledge of how hospitals and clinical work in the real world is unique and allows them to develop products and tools that can be implemented effectively into practice.”
Jennifer M. Jones
Director, Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Program

“Our designer was always willing to help with making adjustments and updates to our website, and we appreciated her creativity and efforts to find solutions that we liked.”
Trisia Breitkopf
Q-Portfolio, McMaster Canada

“My experience of working with TECHNA has been first class, not only in terms of the efficiency of service delivery, but also in regard to their professionalism and collaborative approach to planning, monitoring, and completing projects. It’s been a sincere pleasure.”
Dr. Rob Nolan
Director, Cardiac eHealth & Behavioural Cardiology Research Unit, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, UHN

“I have to say it has been truly amazing to work with you and every member of the Techna team. It really is unlike any other team that we have worked with. The attitude of the “art of the possible” is truly alive within this dynamic group of individuals. Regardless, of the project scope or type, the team is fully invested and engaged to understand the full scope of the project, goals and ultimately helping us achieve the best clinical patient experience. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you and the team!!! Congratulations on your leadership of this fantastic team.”

Silvi Groe
Clinical Director, UHN
Schroeder Arthritis Institute

“The TECHNA Transformatics Team has been an incredible partner to the Schroeder Arthritis Institute whether it’s helping us launch a local integrated pathway or lead a digital transformation for a provincial care delivery program. The team brings diverse talents to the table and are ready to tackle any challenge that is brought forward, while keeping the patients front and centre. Here’s to another 10 years of exciting collaborations ahead to transform arthritis care at UHN.”
Samra Mian-Valiante
Director, Strategy & Transformation Division of Orthopaedics, RAC Low Back Operations

“Since its inception, I’ve seen Techna grow from success to success.  A crackerjack, nimble and fun team that is pushing the boundaries of innovation and keeping UHN one of the world’s leading research hospital.  They bring joy to work for many in the space that they create.”
Catherine Wang
Clinical VP for Diagnostic Programs,  Outpatient and Virtual Care Strategy

“TECHNA staff played a critical role in the success of Acumyn, a medical software startup, which was eventually acquired by Elekta, a global radiotherapy company. Hiring talent with right personality and right skills is always a challenge, especially for startups. We turned to TECHNA to meet such challenges and our success rate was 100% in getting the help we needed. Highly recommended!”

Ferhan Bulca
Vice President, QA Solutions, Elekta

“It’s always a pleasure working with the Transformatics team. They bring a level of professionalism, skill, perspective, and originality of thought to our projects.”
Marsha Alvares
Clinical Manager – Orthopedics, MSK Bundled Care

“I have worked together with Techna on our Surgery Augmented Reality for the past 3 years. We have built a great multidisciplinary team combining the expertise of our engineers and surgeons. Together we have come from just a few simple ideas to now a solid platform for augmented reality in surgery applications. From this platform we will be able to launch different projects as we aim to enhance education, training and clinical procedures with augmented reality applications.

My collaboration with Techna continues to be not only rewarding, but also a lot of fun. It is so cool to solve clinical problems by creating technical solutions that do not yet exist.”
Stefan Hofer
Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery at the Department of Surgery and Department of Surgical Oncology, UHN

“I have had the privilege to work with the Techna team from the beginning and this amazing creative team has supported, encouraged and incubated innovative clinical ideas, no matter how crazy it might have been, but more importantly have consistently delivered on taking these ideas to real time implementation.  Happy 10 year Anniversary Techna!”
Terri Stuart-McEwan
Executive Director, Surgical Services, UHN

“Congratulations to Techna on its milestone 10 year anniversary!! It’s been a great pleasure to work with the team, and to collaborate on a number of projects over the years. From its humble beginnings, Techna has grown and matured to the innovative and effective team that now stands. I’m excited to see what amazing innovations have in store from this group in the coming years!!”
Leon Goonaratne
Senior Director, UHN Digital

“As a long-time partner and collaborator, Precision X-Ray is proud to join in celebrating Techna’s ten year anniversary. During the past decade, Techna’s multidisciplinary leadership and technological leverage helped make great strides in our global cause against disease. As the momentum of technological innovation continues to accelerate, Precision and Techna will remain steadfast partners in the healthcare solutions of the future.”
Viktoriya Baytser
CEO, Precision X-Ray Irradiation