Developments from Sunnybrook’s Center for Research in Image Guided Therapies

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Minimally invasive procedures are continuing to increase in popularity with new therapies emerging on a frequent basis. As these new procedures grow, there is an increasing need to provide high-resolution imaging for guidance purposes. Dr. Courtney will describe several Toronto-based successes in the use of image guided therapy.


briancourtneyDr. Brian Courtney is a clinician-scientist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre where he practises as an interventional cardiologist. He also performs research at Sunnybrook’s Center for Research in Image Guided Therapy (CeRIGT). Brian has experience in the development of several cardiovascular technologies, with his current focus being the development of minimally invasive catheters and systems to visualize cardiac structures and coronary plaque during endovascular interventions. Colibri Technologies is a medical device start-up company located in Toronto that was founded using research in Dr. Courtney’s lab and currently employs over 25 people.

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