HIR Team wins Pivot Design Award at Hacking Health Toronto 2013

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AYAP DescriptionAYA

AYAP is a hospital affiliated mobile app that provides a safe platform for adolescents and young-adult (AYA) cancer patients to help each other by sharing their experiences and challenges.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Providing cancer support resources is critical to ensuring optimal improvements in a patient’s quality of life and treatment management. Currently, these resources have been predominately designed for senior or pediatric patients. The needs of AYA cancer patents are not being adequately met by the conventional pediatric and adult healthcare systems.

How do you plan to solve it?

AYAP will link patients to mentors and age-appropriate psychosocial, survivorship, and palliative resources. These resources will be personalized based on the patient’s cancer diagnosis and treatment pathway. We will be using the mobile geo-tracking to address the geographic and social isolation issues that many of these AYA patients face.

AYA patients can connect to other patients geographically located nearby or view patients based on demographic filters (cancer site, cancer stage, age, personal goals, etc.). To address privacy concerns, we may allow users to specify within reason the precision of geo-tracking. For example, a user may choose a localization precision of a radius within 5 meters to 1 km. These features can be used by users who are not comfortable disclosing their exact location.