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Kieran-Murphy-236x300-150x150Join us for Techna Rounds as we welcome Professor Kieran Murphy to be our speaker for the month. Professor Kieran Murphy, MB BAO BCH FRCPC FSIR, graduated in 1986 from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He became interested in medical innovation and moved to the US, and was eventually recruited by Johns Hopkins University to lead the division of Interventional Neuroradiology. From 1998-2008, he filed 60 patents on new medical devices, pioneering new routes, techniques and approaches to complex spine and neurovascular and CSF pathologies. He has started 6 medical device companies and has authored over 135 peer reviewed publications, published several textbooks and mentored over 50 residents and fellows. He was recruited by the University of Toronto and from 2008-2012 he was Professor and Vice Chair and Deputy Chief of the UofT Dept of Medical Imaging. He is the Medical Director of UHN’s international health care strategy and is tasked with developing a culture of innovation, incubation and entrepreneurial behaviour in the Techna faculty. His current focus in on spine augmentation radiofrequency ablation of bone mets, ozone in disk herniation, anti oxidant use in radiation injury reduction, hydrocephalus detection, and global medical education through which he founded in 2010. His hobbies include medical device development, race car driving and taking things apart.

In 1851 Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband said the following when opening the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace “We are living at a period of the most wonderful transition…..The knowledge acquired becomes at once the property of all the community at large….Science discovers these laws of power motion and transformation; industry applies them to raw matter which the earth yields us in abundance but which becomes valuable through knowledge.”

Medlantis is a vehicle which is being used to disseminate the knowledge of a roster of leading radiology practitioners and researchers to other professionals, educators, and students. It is an innovative and engaging online resource for radiology education, with a mandate to provide online access to high quality and contemporary education material. Dr. Murphy will be discussing how Medlantis, with support from industry partners Toshiba and Thieme, is transforming knowledge translation in the field of radiology. It’s safe to assume human potential is evenly distributed around the world but that human opportunity is not. Medlantis breaks down barriers and brings together the best and most driven intellects and gives them the mentorship and tools that allows them to express their creativity in a way that allows each generation to find better solutions to the challenges we face.

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