MedChart Launches Across Ontario to Put Official Medical Records at Every Patient’s Fingertips

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medchart logoMedChart, a University of Toronto start-up founded by James Bateman and Derrick Chow, has officially launched across the province of Ontario with the goal to expand to all provinces by the end of this year. MedChart partnered with Techna in early 2016 to help expand their reach and to connect and engage with key opinion leaders in the field.

MedChart is a secure, cloud-based Portal that allows individuals to view and manage their own medical records online from any hospital, clinic or paramedical centre. Based on their own personal experience of attempting, and finding it difficult to gather medical records for sick family members both while in Canada and abroad, Mr. Bateman and Mr. Chow created MedChart to empower patients and family caregivers to take ownership of their health, especially in times of need or crisis.medchart_overview

Currently, patient access to medical records can be onerous, requiring patients to navigate individual hospital systems, manually fill out forms and pay a variable and sometimes unknown fee for their own medical records across every institution visited. MedChart changes this, providing seamless, patient-centric access to medical records across any healthcare institution involved in caring for the patient, all for a known annual subscription or on a pay-per-request basis.

“Simple access to medical records is the keystone for proactive patient-centred care,” said James Bateman, CEO and Co-Founder. “Throughout our service development, we heard the feedback of many individual patients and family caregivers across Canada and have designed MedChart with their needs in mind. We are excited to officially launch across Ontario today, and will bring MedChart to every household in Canada by the end of the year.”

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MedChart was founded in 2014 by two University of Toronto graduates. The company has raised funding from the Ontario Centres of Excellence and Hero Ventures, and received awards from the University of Toronto Start@UTIAS and Entrepreneurship Hatchery accelerator programs.