Medlantis Surpasses 7000 Visitors in May

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Medlantis is an innovative online resource for radiology education, providing online access to high quality and contemporary education material to professionals, educators and students. The website features hundreds of instructional modules from a roster of leading radiology practitioners and researchers. Launched late last year by Kieran Murphy, Director, Research Faculty (Clinical) at Techna and the Editor and Executive Producer of Medlantis, the site has just reached the 7000 visitors mark. With a database of 200 hypertext books, 80,000 radiological images, 152 video lectures, and 2500 case studies, the site is currently deployed in 23 countries and receiving major interest from Western countries such as the United States and Canada as well as evolving markets such as China and Pakistan—the latter of which is now the second-largest Medlantis market, accounting for 14% of the total visits.

New technology has also just been launched to make it easier for institutions to subscribe on behalf of their staff and trainees: a site-wide IP-based access protocol with individual user tracking now means customers, such as NYU, Mt. Sinai, NY and 52 Japanese universities will have hospital-wide access while allowing the individual radiologists’ usage to be tracked for continuing medical education credits and certification. This allows Medlantis play a unique role in radiology decision support.