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What is Medlantis?

Medlantis is an innovative and engaging online resource for radiology education with a mandate to provide online access to high quality and contemporary education material to professionals, educators and students. The website features hundreds of instructional modules from a roster of leading radiology practitioners and researchers.

How is content delivered?

Users have access to over one hundred elegantly recorded video lectures hosted on a modern web platform that features effective keyword search, intuitive browse, and advanced media controls. This wealth of content is organized into individual teaching modules which are further enhanced by incorporation of links to material provided by leading medical publisher Thieme. With a database of more than 43,000 ebook pages of radiological content, over 86,000 downloadable images, and in excess of 2,200 must-know case studies from the RadCases series, users are connected to the most up to date information in the field of radiology.

Why use Medlantis?

Either by computer, tablet, or phone, Medlantis is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. The service is financially attractive and allows efficient management of education costs and is soon to be approved for CME (continuing medical education) accreditation. Medlantis offers a unique and immersive experience previously unavailable to the radiology community and in partnership with Thieme is committed to global medical excellence, knowledge transfer and innovation.

A brief introduction to the goals and scope of the Medlantis project can be found on their medlantis.