MolecuLight Sells Cancer Imaging Business

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MolecuLight has announced that photonamic GmbH had acquired its surgical oncology business. MolecuLight and photonamic have been collaborating for a number of years on the surgical oncology application, combining MolecuLight’s intraoperative fluorescence imaging technology with photonamic’s imaging agent, 5-ALA. The agent is converted by tumour cells into a fluorescing molecule that can be detected by MolecuLight’s imaging device to provide surgeons and pathologists with real-time assessment of tumour removal.

On the back of this deal, MolecuLight’s CEO Anil Amlani also recently announced the company has secured a $7.5 million (USD) term loan to support the company’s growth and the commercial expansion of its i:X imaging product line and accessories for wound care internationally.

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MolecuLight was founded in 2012 by Techna Scientist Dr. Ralph DaCosta to commercialize a proprietary handheld real-time fluorescence imaging technology developed in his lab.