Objective assessment and collaborative-competition in biomedical research: The DREAM and IMPROVER projects

1024 379 Techna

Join us for Techna Rounds as we welcome Dr. Gustavo Stolovitzky to be our speaker for the month. Dr. Stolovitzky received his M.Sc. in Physics (with honors), from the University of Buenos Aires (1987) and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University (1994), which awarded him the Henry Prentiss Becton Prize for Excellence in Engineering and Applied Sciences. In 1998 he joined the IBM Computational Biology center at IBM Research where he is the manager of the IBM Functional Genomics & System Biology Group. His most recent scientific interests are in the field of high-throughput biological-data analysis, reverse engineering biological circuits, the mathematical modeling of biological processes and new generation technologies for DNA sequencing.

Please note the new location for the seminar this month.

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