One Retinoblastoma World: Reaching Every Child

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Retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer in children, has revealed the essential genetic basis of cancer and delivered personalized medicine for families, where awareness and resources have achieved 98% survival. To address the 70% of children with retinoblastoma who still die, One Retinoblastoma World has emerged with innovative partnerships and technologies, iteratively advancing evidence-based care from the bedside to make retinoblastoma a “Zero Death” cancer.


Dr. Brenda GallieDr. Brenda Gallie’s research teams focused on optimizing of many aspects of care for retinoblastoma. They delineated RB1 gene mechanisms and progressive genetic changes in this cancer, discovered an oncogene-driven form of the disease, and developed molecular diagnostics with a business model keeping the patient foremost. Now Dr. Gallie’s focus within One Retinoblastoma World is innovative partnerships and technologies mapping all treatment centres (, establishing universal staging and guidelines and collecting point-of-care summary data on every child, in order to set the stage for a global learning health system.

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