Optical Molecular Imaging Technologies for Surgery & Radiation Therapy Guidance

1024 379 Techna

Molecular guidance of cancer therapy could provide more specificity and higher likelihood of success in therapeutic outcomes, yet is largely undeveloped beyond PET fluorodeoxyglucose imaging. In this talk, methods and unique imaging systems being developed to advance molecular guidance towards metabolic and immunologic targeting are discussed. The imaging is compared to the contrast possible with conventional structural x-ray and MRI based approaches. One of the largest areas of R&D is for molecular probes that target cancer cell immune expression, however these often suffer of non-specific uptake issues from tumor enhanced permeability & retention.


Brian Pogue is Professor of Engineering, Physics & Astronomy, and Surgery at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, where he is director of MS and PhD Programs in Engineering. He has a Ph.D. in Medical/Nuclear Physics from McMaster University, Canada, was a post-doctoral fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital. At Dartmouth since 1996, founded the Imaging and Interventional Technologies Research Center at Dartmouth, focusing on advance optical imaging technologies in cancer management.

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