• Scientist

Arash Zarrine-Afsar, Ph.D

Dr. Arash Zarrine-Afsar is a Scientist at the Techna Institute. He is trained as a Physical Biochemist at the University of Toronto and York University. The research in the Zarrine-Afsar laboratory is focused on developing new tools and techniques to study the dynamics of biological systems, in particular, the transition to the disease state. A multitude of biophysical imaging and spectroscopy techniques are used to reveal changes in cellular chemistry that correlate with the disease state. In particular, Dr. Zarrine-Afsar is interested in the utility of Mass Spectrometry Imaging in tissue imaging and tumour boundary assessment. Dr. Zarrine-Afsar is a co-founder with VertoNova Analytical Inc., and has been involved in the development of ion sources based on Picosecond Infra Red Laser (PIRL) ablation technology for molecular mapping of tissues during laser surgery.