• Faculty, Design and Engineering for Health, Techna Institute; Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Anthony Easty, Ph.D PEng CCE

Dr. Anthony Easty holds a BSc (Hons), and D.Ic and PhD degrees from the UK. He is a Certified Clinical Engineer, and an Associate Professor at the Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering, and in the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto. He is Chair of the International Committee of the American College of Clinical Engineering and is Chair of the Canadian Board of Examiners for Clinical Engineering Certification. He also holds the Baxter Chair in Health Technology.

He is Director of the Department of Medical Engineering at the University Health Network (Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) and at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto. Dr. Easty leads the Health Technology Safety Research Team based at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation. This team includes colleagues with backgrounds in biomedical engineering, human factors engineering and cognitive psychology, qualified at the PhD and Masters levels. The team conducts safety-based research investigations on a range of topics in a broad spectrum of health care environments, including acute hospital-based care, cancer care and home-based care, using tools such as ethnographic research, systematic analysis, technical analysis, and simulation studies in the labs at the Centre. His current research interests include investigating the risks associated with multiple intravenous drug infusions, improving the safety of intravenous chemotherapy, and improving the safety of home-based care.

Dr. Easty has co-authored the Standards of Practice for Clinical Engineering in Canada, the first standard of this kind in the world, which are now used as the basis for peer reviews of departments in Canada and elsewhere. He is also co-author of a CD-ROM entitled “Aspects of Electrosurgery”, which provides guidance to surgeons, nurses, biomedical engineers and technologists, and others on the safe use of electrosurgery in the operating room with over 20 000 copies distributed. He was the inaugural winner of the ExCEL Award granted by the American College of Clinical Engineering for superior institutional leadership at a global level of performance.