• Research Analyst

Helena Hyams, MHI, BAH

Helena recently completed her Master of Health Informatics (MHI) from the University of Toronto. Her experiences were enriched by extracurricular activities and exciting research projects. In one of her projects, she worked alongside an Information Management Clinic to implement a new community Electronic Medical Record across First Nation communities on BC reserves. She also worked on a team to develop a prototype for an application to improve symptom tracking and management amongst children with cancer. Outside of class, Helena served on the Graduate Student Council to further develop her leadership, stakeholder engagement and training skills.

Helena obtained her bachelor’s degree in Health Studies from Queen’s University in 2020. During her program, Helena was introduced to the various social, economic, and political determinants that ultimately influence access to healthcare, as well as a contextual understanding of health policy. Outside of her studies, Helena was involved in student life, including serving as the Co-President of the Queen’s West Africa AIDS Foundation. Helena spent two summers working at OntarioMD as a summer student intern. In her spare time,  Helena enjoys sports, including tennis, and skiing.