• Techna Research Strategy Development Specialist

John Robertson, PhD

John has served as Techna’s Research Strategy Development Specialist since 2012. He helps communicate Techna’s research and technology productization activities to a variety of audiences and supports the development of major funding proposals. He provides editorial services for grant applications and helps Techna investigators identify and apply for research funding from a number of agencies.

His primary role is to support the communications needs of the Techna institute; he is embedded within the UHN Strategic Research Initiatives Development (StRIDe) team and also supports institution-wide research communications and strategy needs.

John completed his MSc and PhD in Medical Biophysics at the University of Western Ontario (2006, 2011), where his research focused on bioelectromagnetics and functional magnetic resonance imaging. His communication skills are also put to use outside UHN as an author, a speaker, and a podcast co-host.