• Staff Scientist
  • Assistant Professor, Dept of Anesthesiology & Surgery

Gordon Tait

I have two roles in the Department of Anesthesia at Toronto General Hospital – research and ediucation.

My research invloves extracting and analyzing data from the UHN Electronic Data Warehouse repository of clinical information on surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, medications and ICD/10 codes. This is used to create a dataset summarizing the preoperative characteristics and postoperative outcomes of inpatients having non-cardiac surgery. This dataset currently contains 80,000 cases from 2003 to 2010. Data on transfusions from the Blood Bank system and the preoperative assessment from the CAIS system are also merged with this data. This creates a a robust sourve of information for assessing the risk factors for surgery and suggesting interventions to reduce these risks.

My role in education is to manage the Perioperative Interactive Education (PIE) team in creating interactive online teaching modules for perioperative medicine. These online modules are used by medical schools around the world for lectures, small group teaching sessions, one-on one instruction or self-study. Each of the projects incorporates an educational research component, evaluating the face and content validity, usability and construct validity of the modules. Examples of this work can be found on the team Web site: http://pie.med.utoronto.ca.