• Project Director

Tran Truong, B.Math

Tran Truong is the Manager of Health Informatics Research (HIR) at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and has spent more than 10 years at UHN providing innovative IT solutions to improve the quality of complex care and enable clinical research.

In close collaboration with clinical experts, Tran and her team have developed eCare, a disease-specific point-of-care tool extending the health record, and providing highest quality clinical data for research. Tran has led the technical development of the many advanced clinical documentation projects, including eCancerCare, eNote, Electronic Discharge Summary, O.R. Notes and Ambulatory Documentation.

Tran has worked closely with the Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care (POPC) group to develop the Distress Assessment Response Tool (DART) system. DART has transformed the delivery of patient care, enabling improved communication of patients’ emotional distress. Tran is also involved in the groundbreaking work with the delivery of Cancer Survivorship Care Plans (SCP). She has led the technical design and development of a robust and scalable system that delivers to patients an electronic care plan customized according to their disease characteristics and treatments received.

Tran has a BMath, Honours Computer Science with Distinction from the University of Waterloo and has an HL7 V3 Certification.