RayCare Deal Inked

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RaySearch and UHN have been collaborating for over a decade, and RaySearch has licensed several radiation therapy and planning innovations from UHN.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is joining forces with RaySearch AB to further develop RayCare, a next-generation oncology informatics platform.

RayCare will build on the capabilities of the existing RayStation radiation therapy treatment planning system used at Princess Margaret to help improve clinical workflows, resource usage and to enable adaptive radiation therapy.

This project represents an example of UHN’s emerging ‘3-mode innovation framework’ for technology development. This framework was developed to ensure that different rules, processes and teams are used for different technologies, depending on their level of development and the needs of UHN’s clinicians and researchers. New capabilities and solutions are developed and tested with an agile team (mode 3) that can work with external industry partners, such as RaySearch. Existing systems needing responsiveness are handled with mode 2, while high-reliability clinical implementation is mode 1, with a team focused on support rather than innovation.

Techna is leading the project management for UHN activities in the collaboration with RaySearch. The project will involve a diverse cross-functional team made up of technical staff, clinicians and researchers who will test and develop new features and improvements to RayCare so that it can further support Princess Margaret’s clinical activities.

The collaboration will build on the advances UHN has made in cancer informatics and treatment planning, such as the Cancer Informatics Platform and the recent licensing of AutoPlanning technology to RaySearch.

Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Medical Director at Princess Margaret says “This is a collaboration that will shape the future of oncology systems.”

In the press release announcing the partnership, Dr. Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, concludes: “Princess Margaret is one of the most important cancer centers worldwide, and their experience and insight will be invaluable in the continuing development of RayCare. Our partnership, which spans more than a decade, is one of the pillars supporting RaySearch’s work to advance cancer treatment. Together we are taking cancer treatment to new levels and enabling truly patient-centered care.”