RFA Coil

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What is the RFA Coil Device?

The RFA Coil Device is a novel, radio frequency thermal therapy device designed to improve local control of large solid tumours using heat in the range 55–90°C. This technology may provide, for the first time, a new minimally invasive treatment options available for patients with large tumors.

How is treatment delivered?

The treatment procedure involves the minimally invasive percutaneous insertion of the coil electrode through a single delivery needle into the patient’s tumour under image guidance. The electrode is then supplied with radio frequency energy using a single timed heat cycle. Once the cycle is completed, imaging confirms the proper delivery of the treatment and then the probe is removed. As a benefit, this treatment is usually administered as an out-patient procedure, therefore requiring only a brief hospital visit.

How is the RFA Coil Device different?

Radio frequency ablation (RFA) is an established treatment modality, although its use is limited to treating tumors less than 3 cm in size. A clinical trial in 2002 evaluated existing RFA technology on 10 patients with tumors, and revealed uniform ablation volumes with cold spots of viable cancerous tissue. The RFA Coil Device applies fundamental physics principles and uses higher RF frequencies to promote magnetic induction methods, instead of traditional low-frequency RFA devices that rely primarily on thermal conduction. The result is the ability to deposit RF energy directly into the tissue to thermally ablate large tumours with uniform and complete cell kill, along with significantly shorter traditional RFA treatment times (< 10 minutes).

The device is currently undergoing a phase 1 clinical trial that examines the safety and efficacy with both liver and kidney cancer patients. Current development is underway in treating other cancer related diseases.