Synoptic Reporting for Endoscopy: Featured Technology at Techna

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What is Endoscopic Screening?

An endoscope is a camera that can go inside the body to visually evaluate the health of tissues. Screening for cancer with an endoscopic exam—such as a colonoscopy or colposcopy—is a common practice in Canada, with many organizations encouraging Canadians to get checked regularly. Yet there is currently no consistent standard for reporting results from the half a million endoscopies performed each year.

What is Synoptic Reporting for Endoscopy?

Synoptic reporting involves collecting data from a patient exam in a uniform way, where important factors are laid out in a list of options rather than described by a physician’s narrative. Important clinical features from the procedure go into specific areas of the report.

A project lead by Techna’s Co-Lead, Informatics and Communications Technology Dr. Peter Rossos and Senior Project Manager Kelly Lane, in partnership with a consortium of hospitals from Ontario, Alberta and BC will establish a common system for reporting the results of colonoscopy and colposcopy procedures—known as synoptic reporting.

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