Techna 2019: Human / Machine Interfaces

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Techna 2019

Human / Machine Interfaces

On October 25th, 2019, the Techna Symposium: Human / Machine Interfaces was held.

The divide between humans and machines is narrowing and in some cases has closed. Many of the devices we use now feel like extensions of ourselves and emerging technologies are increasingly immersive. These innovations provide enormous opportunities to advance and scale the delivery of quality health services. The emergence of innovations to understand human expression and language has provided solutions for operational efficiencies and patient support. Visualization tools that augment our interaction with our surroundings has translated into options for healthcare education, treatment planning, and space design. Technologies that marry human and machines are impacting health care services now and it is certain that medicine in the future will make substantial use of these tools. The speakers of TECHNA 2019 showcased these leading-edge developments and participated in thoughtful discussion and debated on how these technologies are usable in practise.

We featured a Keynote address from  H. James Wilson, Managing Director of Information Technology and Business Research, Accenture Research, and the day brought together speakers from all facets of the healthcare and industry innovation spectrum.


Videos of the presentations can be viewed from the Techna Symposium website.

Photos from Techna 2019

Photos from Techna 2019 – Networking Session: Reception Hosted and Sponsored by JLabs