TECHNA to support UHN in establishing the CAN Health Network

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TECHNA to support UHN in establishing the CAN Health Network

On July 29th, The Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion, announced that the government of Canada will support a $20-million project proposal to scale-up companies in both health and biosciences. This will see an initial $7-million investment to support the establishment of the CAN Health Network in Western Canada and Ontario, with further expansion of the network planned at a later stage for Quebec, Atlantic Canada, and Northern Canada.

Within Ontario, the CAN Health Network will be led by Trillium Health Partners and will further comprise leading health care organisations, industry and thought leadership. The Network will enable MedTech Companies to work with health care providers in developing working innovative technological solutions on Canadian soil that address common Canadian health care challenges.

The University Health Network is honoured to be announced as an inaugural partner of the CAN Health Network. UHN’s involvement in the network will be supported by Dr. Joseph Cafazzo, who leads TECHNA Institute teams, the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation and Healthcare Human Factors. Familiar with the challenges of technology adoption within healthcare, Dr. Cafazzo believes the CAN Health Network is unprecedented and comes at a critical time for Canadians.

“There is a lot of pent up demand for innovations to address our health system challenges. At the same time there is untapped capacity to address these challenges within both the public sector academic health sciences sector and Canada’s growing health technology sector. This funding will go towards facilitating the interactions between these sectors to bring products and services to market sooner and improve the overall quality of these innovations. We will see this network not only bringing in new existing solutions into the health sector but also knowledge and IP transfer from the academic health sciences centers, into Canada’s private health tech sector.”

“Technology solutions will not address the needs of our patients if they are not informed by close collaborations between industry, healthcare practitioners, and most critically the patients we serve. The CAN Health Network is brilliantly conceived to address this and we look forward to engaging with our network partners and some of the best minds in Canada’s tech industry to set the course for the modern delivery of care in this country.”

You can read the official CAN Health Network announcement HERE.