UHN Licensed Image Guided Irradiator System Reaches 10th Installation Milestone

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(TORONTO,Canada– Feb. 29, 2012) UHN, in partnership with Precision X-Ray Inc., has installed the 10th unit of the pre-clinical Image Guided X-Ray Irradiation System, the X-RAD 225Cx, at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The X-RAD 225Cx is a platform which enables the image-guided placement of irradiation distributions within pre-clinical subjects.

Invented and developed at UHN by Techna Director and OCI Senior Scientist Dr. David Jaffray and OCI Senior Scientist Dr.Richard Hill, the system combines cone-beam CT imaging technology with X-ray irradiation capability. The integration of these two capabilities allows for sub-millimeter targeting accuracy to high-dose pre-clinical radiation therapy research. “This work came about from UHN’s own need of having pre-clinical cancer research tools which mirror IGRT treatments done in the clinic” says Dr. Jaffray.

The X-RAD 225Cx was commercialized by Mark Taylor through UHN’s Technology Development and Commercialization Office in 2009 using a medical technology-specific model for public-private partnership.  “We have worked hard to create an environment where our expertise in the health-technology area is translated into marketable product as quickly as possible,” says Mr. Taylor.  “It is about providing a sustainable enterprise enabling the development of new features and new discoveries.”  Technology development activities are being lead by Techna in partnership with local partners for the next generation development of the system.

NIH/NCI joins a growing number of international research institutions who have purchased the X-RAD 225Cx, including the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Maastricht University, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Duke University and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre.