UHN Licenses MRI Phantom and Software to Modus Medical Devices

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Techna and UHN’s Technology Development and Commercialization office are pleased to announce that UHN has licensed a novel imaging quality device to Modus Medical Devices of London, Ontario. The QUASAR™ MRID3D phantom, invented by RMP Physicist and Techna Affiliated Faculty Dr. Teo Stanescu and Physics Resident Dr. Tony Tadic, is a unique tool to help calibrate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines for cancer therapy.

MRI offers many advantages over other ways of imaging tumours, and is unparalleled in its ability to detect soft tissue tumours. However, the MRI images are susceptible to spatial distortions, presenting challenges for precise localization and treatment planning. The QUASAR™ MRID3D phantom and software solves this issue by measuring the spatial distortion of points on the boundary of the region of interest (ROI). The measurements are then used to characterize and correct system-related distortions throughout the ROI. With properly corrected images, MRI can be used to guide radiation therapy in cancer patients, for more precise and effective targeting of treatments.

Unlike competing systems, the QUASAR™ MRID3D phantom is hollow, allowing medical physicists to use it in conjunction with devices to validate the radiation therapy dose, or with other MRI phantoms to characterize the system’s performance in other ways for a combined image quality solution.