UHN Licenses Panoramic Phantom to Elekta

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Techna and UHN’s Technology Development and Commercialization office are pleased to announce that UHN has licensed a new technology for radiosurgery quality assurance to Elekta, a global leader in radiation therapy and radiosurgery for the treatment of cancer. The Panoramic Phantom, invented by RMP Physicists Drs. Mohammad Islam and Young-Bin Cho, is a quality assurance device for Elekta’s Gamma Knife PerfexionTM stereotactic radiosurgery system. With 192 individual cobalt-60 radiation sources the PerfexionTM can present unique challenges for quality assurance testing and procedures. Unlike other quality assurance devices that only measure radiation at the isocentre and which are not sensitive enough to detect problems with individual sources, the Panoramic Phantom provides a 360° image of the inside of the Gamma Knife to ensure that every one of the 192 radiation sources is functioning properly.

The Panoramic Phantom is already an essential component of Princess Margaret’s quality assurance program and is credited with detecting a faulty cobalt source at Princess Margaret in 2013. “This technology will help improve the quality of care our patients receive and maximize the safety of these Gamma Knife radiosurgery systems,” says Dr. Islam, co-inventor of the Panoramic Phantom. “Licensing to Elekta will help make this device the standard used around the world.”