Techna is an institute of University Health Network, in collaboration
with the University of Toronto, focused on the accelerated development
and exploitation of technology for improved health.


The Techna Institute is designed to shorten the time interval from technology discovery and development to application for the benefit of patients and the health care system. It will also stimulate and facilitate the innovation cycle through a continuum of clinically driven innovation, technology & process development, and translational research.

While technology has existed as an essential platform for UHN research, Techna represents a paradigm shift towards demand-driven activities, and the organizational alignment of the needs of the research hospital and the research enterprise.

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Techna strives to develop and bring technology into clinical use. Our current fronts represent the strengths of the institute and the technology foci we envision to have the greatest impact on human health in the near future.

Advanced/Deep Imaging

Techna is aiming to advance its imaging discoveries through the development of image processing techniques, novel contrast agents, and innovative hardware. Key programs leading its growth include the Quantitative Imaging for Personalized Cancer Medicine (QIPCM), Techna’s imaging core lab supporting multi-center clinical trials and the Open Mind Program, our the burgeoning neuroimaging program. Open Mind promises to expand our imaging processing and analysis capabilities while developing an open science platform to enable collaborative efforts to cure diseases of the mind.

Next Generation Operating Rooms

Modernizing the way surgery is performed since its inception, Techna’s GTx program has been a leader at UHN in the development of image-guided surgical techniques and navigation. Techna will continue to build the OR of tomorrow with its Surgility program. A new agile egineering team for UHN’s ORs, Surgility will ensure existing technology within a surgical suite is optimized for use, implement new and advanced external technologies into the OR, and develop better/cheaper technological solutions for the OR.

Data Automation/Machine Learning Health

Techna has already experienced commercial success with the automation of treatment planning and image contouring for radiotherapy. We look to continue this success by expanding our data science capacity with the recruitment of AI and machine learning scientists who will work together to develop deep learning models for improved healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

Machine/Human Interfaces

In a Digital age there is a convergence of machine and man through mobile health technologies, robotics, and sensors. Human factors engineering will be a key component in driving these advances.