World’s First Clinic-Wide Automated Quality Assurance Software for Diagnostic Imaging Devices Now Available to North American Clinics and Hospitals

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AQUA™ Radiology developed by Acumyn in collaboration with top clinical institutes in USA and Canada

March 7, 2018, Toronto, Canada – Acumyn, a Toronto-based healthcare technology firm spun out from world-renowned research and clinical institute, University Health Network, today announced the release of AQUA™ Radiology, the world’s first clinic-wide automated quality assurance (QA) software platform for diagnostic imaging devices. AQUA Radiology is a platform that allows clinics to standardize QA processes, automate regulatory tests, and access real-time data across all diagnostic imaging devices, regardless of manufacturer or site location. Available immediately to clinics of all sizes in USA and Canada, AQUA Radiology delivers a unified and time-saving solution to manage compliance to American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation requirements and clinic-specific policies.

AQUA Radiology was developed in collaboration with world-class pilot sites at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto, and Life Saving Imaging Technologies (LISIT), a Japan-based medical physics contractor.

“To develop a product alongside the technologists and operations managers that will benefit most from its use is fundamental to the way we choose to create products at Acumyn,” says Dr. Daniel Letourneau, Chief Technology Officer of Acumyn and himself a veteran of hospital and clinical environments as a medical physicist. “Optimized for efficiency and accuracy, image-based QA tests can now be completed in seconds, without compromising any compliance requirements.”

The platform is additionally unique by offering on-premise or cloud-based implementation options, along with an intuitive web-based user interface for desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. AQUA Radiology is available as an annual subscription with four pricing tiers based on number of devices the software monitors.

Key Features

  • Automate daily and annual image performance tests for CT and MRI
  • Out-of-box policies that meet ACR accreditation requirements for CT and MRI
  • Scalable software to allow expansion to new departments and sites
  • Flexibility to add any modality to unify all equipment QA in one software platform
  • Customization tools to add clinic-specific policies, equipment types, tests, and reports

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Media Contact
Ferhan Bulca
Chief Executive Officer

About AQUA Radiology
AQUA Radiology is one of the world’s first clinic-wide compliance automation software and dashboards for medical imaging. Designed for multi-device healthcare environments, the technology offers time-efficient and accurate compliance to ACR accreditation requirements for all medical imaging modalities.

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About Acumyn
Acumyn is a healthcare software company, specialized in quality assurance in safety-critical medical equipment. Based in Toronto and affiliated with University Health Network – a network of Canada’s top research hospitals, and the University of Toronto, Acumyn takes a research- and clinical practice- based approach to software design, development, and implementation.

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