XLV Diagnostics: Shaping the Future of Digital Mammography Screening

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Imaging technologies, already used routinely for diagnostics, are becoming an essential part of the workflow included in screening, treatment progress’ monitoring and outcomes’ evaluation. However, various imaging modalities considered standard practice for the medical institutions in the developed world remain today rather inaccessible for the populations at large in the developing countries. One of the limiting factors is the high cost of medical imaging equipment. To develop and produce low cost, medical imaging systems of good quality requires disruptive innovations and novel approaches to engineering. The sophistication and capabilities of ubiquitous consumer products available today provide a real opportunity to capitalize on their low cost components to drive down significantly the cost of medical imaging equipment. Following this approach, XLV Diagnostics Inc., a Canadian medical devices company, is developing a completely new technology, X-ray Light Valve (XLV), for producing very affordable large area flat panel x-ray detectors based on which economical medical imaging systems can be built. The first XLV product is a digital mammography machine for breast cancer screening that will be sold at a fraction of the prices asked for presently available machines.


Vlad Sukhovatkin , M.Sc., MBA, joined XLV Diagnostics Inc. at company’s inception in 2011 as its Chief Technology Officer, and brings more than 20 years of hightechnology entrepreneurial, management, research, and product development experience. Prior to XLV Diagnostics, he was a Senior Scientist at UoT and founder and Scientific Director of several high-tech start-up companies.

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